Debt Defense: Protecting Yourself from Collectors

Consumer debt these days is bought and sold at an incredibly rapid pace. If you have an old credit card debt, medical bill, or just about anything, it will move through many creditors. Some of these creditors will try and collect the debt. They may do this even if you’ve already paid it. These companies don’t care about whether or not you actually owe the money, they just want to strong arm you into giving them money.

We can help you deal with these situations. First, we’ll talk through what your options are. Should you fight it? Negotiate it? Or hire an attorney?  Consultation and advice on these matters is free, and we only advise you to hire us if we can save you time, money, and aggravation.

So, when you get a letter or a call about an old debt, whether you owe it or not, give us a call.

Fighting the Debt

If you don’t owe the money or the amount which a collector is seeking from you, we can help you fight them, in or out of court. Even if you don’t ask us to represent you in court, we’ll give you the best advice possible. If you do want representation in court, we’ll do our best to give you a price that makes it worth your while.

Settling the Debt

For cases over a small amount, it’s often best to wait and see how far the collector will push it. If the collector won’t let up, we can help you negotiate a lower payment, often as low as one third of the debt.

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Is Your Used Car Spying on You with GPS?

The New York Times published an article yesterday about the new trend of lenders putting monitoring and shut down devices in vehicles. As the article states, this can often put people in dangerous and compromising positions. The times when you need a car the most are also going to be the times that you are in an unfamiliar place or are short on money.

What is this exactly?

Banks will tell you that people with poor credit are likely to try to “steal” their used cars. Of course, you can’t really steal your own car, but the bank doesn’t think that it is really your car. To combat this, used car dealers and lenders will put GPS enabled tracking devices on cars. Sometimes these tracking devices will also have the ability to turn the car off and prevent it from restarting.

Why is this bad for me?

If you complain about this, you’ll probably be met with the argument that it won’t bother you as long as you make all your payments on time and aren’t trying to do anything wrong. But this is completely untrue. No matter what, your privacy has been destroyed. This lender, who has no duty to keep your information confidential, has a complete record of everywhere you go. And, if they lose a payment, apply it to the wrong account, or just decide that you’re late for whatever reason they choose, can strand you wherever you may be.

What can I do about it?

When you’re buying a car, ask the dealer if one of these devices is installed. Ask them to state in writing that it isn’t, or, if one is, to give you the specific model number. Try and find your own financing before you go to the dealer. When you talk to different banks or credit unions, ask them if they use these devices. Always try and get written reassurance that they don’t.

If something happens, if your vehicle gets shut down by a lender or you have concerns about someone having all of your location information, call, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

You Don’t Have to Take Their Deal

Debt collectors will often send out letters telling you that they will accept a lesser settlement, but only for a limited amount of time. Like most “limited time only” deals, this is usually not the best that you can do.

If you’ve received an offer like this, and you want to take advantage of it, you can always negotiate that offer. Offer the collectors half the amount, or half the number of payments, and see what happens.

You can also improve your bargaining position by hiring an attorney to negotiate for you. I make sure that my charges for my services are always low enough that you are benefiting from my work for you.

Testimonial: Saeed S.

Dear Kevin Faulk:

Thank you for representing us in our legal battle with bank attorneys in regards to a credit card debt. You explained the process, provided options and best strategy to find the most reasonable result.

This experience made life easier for us and we have recommended you to friends. Another good thing about your service is your understanding of present economy by keeping your fee affordable.

Testimonial: Madeline S.

“Kevin Faulk is an attorney you can trust to solve your case with expertise. He is comfortable to work with, always keeps his client’s interest foremost, professional, and courteous. If you have a legal problem needing resolution, Kevin is the attorney that can do it. I’ve worked with Kevin on 2 cases and the outcome was beneficial for both parties.”


Testimonial: Gabriel S.

“First of all, I want to thank you for your assistance in dealing with the Collection Agency.

“I live in Texas, and therefore I needed representation in California. Your agency provided me with the help I needed.
Before contacting you, I talked to 3 other people which, in all honesty, wanted me to do some of the work for them. (If I’m going to do the work for them, why do I need their help?… right!).

“You answered all of my questions, your fees were very reasonable and the results were more than I could accomplish by myself.

“I definitely recommend your legal services to anyone looking for debt solutions.”

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